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Expect Wellness.

Dr. Andrea Eschenbrenner is fluent in three languages: English, French, and Wellness. Propelled toward expanding her role beyond a clinical one in order to help others achieve a balanced-lifestyle-realization, Dr. A creates a ripple effect of positive living through her platform of speaking, writing, coaching, teaching, and chiropractic care. 




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“I am your peace. I am your safety. I have become my worst nightmare.”

When citizens regard peace and safety as a right, communities need soldiers, police and corrections officers, paramedics, firefighters, and frontline hospital personnel: key responders. But, the human mind is not always able to cope with the day after day, month after month, year after year, of filling this role.

Special Operations Forces and civic policing brought Jon Archambault to his knees at the wall of trauma. Immersed in protection, consumed daily with running toward danger until his mind and body wouldn’t, he encountered the first responder’s nightmare: Operational Stress Injury, in his thirties no less.





You are more resilient than you believe, wiser than you know, and more conscious than you think.
If this concept excites you then step forward and enjoy some body prayers to quiet the mind and soften the heart.

Welcome to the church of you-it’s never been about an hour every Sunday in a pew. Experiencing a spiritual life has always been about your relationships with people and the world 24/7-in all of its anxious uncertainty.

Allow me to help you uncover a healthy state of centeredness. I have found the human soul might just be God’s muscle and, if we don’t strengthen and stretch it, it atrophies.
East will never ask you to abandon West, and neither will I. – Anita Grace Brown




“Marie’s eagle-eye for detail, and genuine interest across varied subject matter, makes her a potent content partner.”

– Glenn Sabin, MD   www.fonconsulting.com


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July 2020  “Marie is not only an experienced editor, she is loving and caring. She will not only edit your writing, she will give life to your work.” Von Eric Tandoc


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June 2020


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“Marie is a skilled editor, certainly, but beyond that, I felt she totally understood me, my goals, and my project; I always felt she was in my corner; and how she edited allowed me to learn so much about writing well.  It was incredibly educational.


Professional Certified Coach, Nine Lions Inc.  –  Founder, Exponential Coaching™

Rum Runner’s Chronicles – 2020

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Anita’s knowledge and experience bring clarity to this fascinating subject… the book is interactive, too. 

A picante travel memoir with a romantic twist, Fragments of French is your oh là là read of the year! Fragments of French site


2019 Christopher Kennedy launches his groundbreaking book

which brilliantly reflects his iconic podcast. 

Chris Kennedy book

Happy Naked

to be published (2019)

“When I first met Marie, we connected immediately. I shared my vision for my book. I have to say that what Marie has done for me, well, I call it “Magic”. From my rough draft to what it became, well, it’s fantastic. I am so happy to have been introduced to her and get the opportunity to work together. She is incredible to work with.”

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2019 Book 5 of 5 – Bootleggers’ Chronicles

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2019 Book 4 of 5 – Bootleggers’ Chronicles





2019 The Bootlegger Series

Atlas Of Darkness

“I do not think there are words to fully encapsulate what Marie did for my book – editing seems like a vast understatement. She really took my work and breathed life into it, she alchemized my story into something infinitely more captivating for the reader, and she did this without losing my message, my authenticity, or my voice. I suppose it is as if Marie has the ability to become one with her work; she lives what the author writes –  she feels it – it’s as if your story becomes her story, temporarily. I cannot speak highly enough about her – she is extremely thorough, always on time (running by strict and communicative deadlines), always keeps you in the loop, and tends to go above and beyond; that is likely due to her massive heart. I thought editing was a simple spell check and grammar overhaul, I learned instead that editing is an art, a craft, and something Marie does extraordinarily well.” – Kori leigh hagel 

(January 2018)

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“Marie, I can’t imagine working with any other editor on the planet. You’ve encouraged, supported, and challenged me to put my best work forward; never shutting me down during the brainstorming process, always keeping me on task, and providing me the structure required to formulate this book. Because of your dedication, passion, patience, and compassion for high quality work, and that of Richard Beswick-Arthur, you helped me take a mediocre manuscript and turn it into a work of art. Your care and concern for quality over all else along with your open mindedness allowed me to dig deep and be truly authentic in my writing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all of your blood, sweat and tears in this project.” Christine Waldner (December 2017)




“Working with Marie is a real pleasure. As a first time author, I didn’t know what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised at how Marie helped uplift and clarify my thoughts and words. She gave such careful and thoughtful attention to every word, sentence, and paragraph. It was so nice to feel so supported by Marie, who I feel went above and beyond in fulfilling her role, and was a very key and valuable team member in helping this book come into reality.” (December 2017)

Malcolm Saunders, Superfood Alchemist, Owner & Creative Visionary


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“When I was first given the “soul assignment” to write a book about cancer, I recall a beachside chat with Marie about the project. I was overwhelmed by such a monumental task and tried to justify creating a small 25,000 word booklet. When I set to outlining the manuscript, I realized it was going to be far more than a booklet if I was going to make a worthy contribution to those diagnosed with cancer and others seeking to prevent it.

While working on the final manuscript in Mexico, Marie and I decided to work together with her as my editor. She was instrumental in honing my words, and she honoured my wish to keep the book in my own voice. Marie went above and beyond to polish the manuscript and ensure that I delivered excellence and accuracy to my readers. Marie is an editor extraordinaire in every sense!” (Summer 2017)



Remember … impossible things happen every day!

In One End Out The Other

“It takes more than one person to move an idea to project, and then project to book. Marie Beswick-Arthur, your creative genius brought my words to life. You really have done EVERYTHING (and more) that you said you’d do.

In our other work, you are always there to support me, guide me, and ensure my success. And you’ve done it all without over charging, over billing or overpromising.

YOU are who I turn my thoughts to as a reminder that not everyone is the same. THANK YOU for being you, for being honest with me, for allowing me to count on you. I know I couldn’t bring my message to others without you in my corner every step of the way.

I am truly blessed to have you with me, and I am very, very grateful.”

– Andrea K. Thatcher, Calgary, Alberta, Canada  www.andreathatcher.com

Dreams Goals and Adventures“There’s a moment of decision, right before the end of every project, when an artist waffles between ‘done—don’t touch it’ and ‘maybe one more look’…I turned to Marie at the eleventh-hour and we brainstormed a way to make this book fit a certain genre so that it could help others. I liked her team approach, her firm guidance, and all those interventions she called ‘teaching moments’. I learned. I made a friend. I found someone who cared about my message and the way I worked. I continue to share with others how well the editing process went.”

– Michael Ditton, Hawaii, California, Mexico www.dreamsgoalsandadventure.com


bills-bookcover-proof15943446_10154875478815762_409297500_o“I wanted to endorse my editing team of Marie Beswick-Arthur and Richard Beswick-Arthur. The first book they edited for me was my autobiography, “Warrior: A Spiritual Odyssey”, which I was so pleased with that the next year I gave them my new manuscript to work on and edit, “Alchemy of a Warrior’s Heart.

They went beyond what was expected and even beat their own deadlines, and delivered a polished package. The second book is now being read by a big publishing company, sent there by my literary agent because she was confident delivering a polished book to them.

If you are an aspiring author, or even an established one, this is the editing team for you. Choosing an editor is as important a decision as you can make with your book. It is the foundation to successfully getting an agent and a publisher. (I should ask Marie to edit this for me – all errors are mine!)”

– Rev. Bill McDonald, International Public Speaker, Advocate for PTSD Support, Elk Grove, California

Dream Training“An extra special hug and thanks to my writing coach, Marie Beswick-Arthur, for taking a challenging idea and performing magic with it.”

– Colin Gilmartin, Louisiana.

“As a first time writer, it has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with Marie. Her creativity, guidance, patience, and utmost professionalism took an idea and created a heartfelt and informative book based on my family’s story. I was always impressed with the dedication she gave to my family, and how her cheerful disposition took a very difficult topic and turned it into an incredibly positive experience.”

– Brian Foreman, Manager, Area Business Manager – Pfizer Canada Inc.

“Marie understands “busy brain” the way I do. She takes each idea and amps it up to the next level. She is also a crack editor and a wordplay genius.”

– Jenna Stone, Creative Catalyst, Los Angeles


“Marie’s ability to bridge technical writing, sales copy, and creative concepts, is unparalleled. She is a huge asset to our team—our working relationship will continue indefinitely. Without her, our work is drab; with her, it comes alive.”

-Bowen Schreyer, CEO  Insight Web Studios www.insightwebstudios.com

“Working with Marie was nothing short of a fantastic experience. She has a real gift for taking what’s in your head, and brilliantly putting it onto paper. She really cares – her dedication and attention to detail speak volumes, and her work ethic is incredible. Thanks Marie!”

– Cory Chadwick, Mentor/Coach for Exceptional Men. Toronto, Canada www.corychadwick.com


“I have to admit that meeting with an editor made me a little nervous.  This quickly dissolved with my first meeting with Marie.  My feelings of inadequacy faded quickly as she pointed out how I was an expert in my field and she in hers, that she had two left feet. Marie praised me for the draft I’d completed, then offered advice for its completion. What happened changed the course of my work from getting lost in a shuffle of blogposts to defining my voice.  I have since been invited as a guest on Sirius radio, networking with people I never thought possible, and advocating with purpose and connection instead of remaining a small voice in an endless river of blogposts.  Thank you, Marie for helping me to identify my vision and share my message.”

– Betty Isenhour, North Carolina. GPA Advocate and Dance Therapist.

“Approachable, responsive, responsible. She insisted on understanding me before she dug into my content. This was a valuable exercise. That time spent upfront was a solid investment as I can now fire off a draft of an idea and she creates it in my voice. She also maintains contact, understanding that I am often predisposed/unavailable. Along with her keen editing skills is a human trait I need in a working relationship: trust. And, with Marie, I have total trust in all aspects of our work.”

– John Westley Clayton, Los Angeles. Motivational Speaker

“Marie Beswick-Arthur is not only a master at turning my writing into polished, presentable, decipherable pieces, but she enhances my intention, challenging me to expand my ideas. Highly reliable, she lives up to her commitments. It is an absolute pleasure to work with her.”

– Pat Henry, Founder Organic Stretching®: bodymind movements www.organicstretching.com

“I met Marie at a writers’ group, where she so generously shared her time, tips, and insights with our rather eclectic gathering.  Inspired by her approach, I decided to go for individual creative coaching with her.  I can honestly say working with Marie has helped me grow from a “dabbler” into a writer.  She is a true creative midwife, offering both sincere encouragement and very spot-on constructive feedback with so much heart and humor.  She’s challenging me to dream of wider horizons for my writing, while helping me keep my feet on the ground with potent practical tips and savvy strategies for publishing my work.  Thanks to Marie, I’ve sold my first magazine articles, and I’m very excited to unfold the next pages of my story.”

– Katrin Haiba, NYC.

“The process Marie helped me with in editing my query letter and creating a proposal for potential literary agents was truly spectacular. I am very thankful she came into my life and decided to help on this project. Her work really speaks for itself when you read something she writes. She took my writing, enhanced it and showed me writing techniques that are revolutionary and, some might say, even magical. I would like to compare Marie’s writing to drinking a glass of fine wine. Once you have just a sip of this wine, no other wines will do the job. Marie’s pen is truly mightier than her sword and I would suggest that if anyone need an editor it would be best to put Marie as number one on the list.”

– Neil Goldhar, Author, Speaker, Toronto, Canada

“Not every successful writer is born with literary talent. Some folks, like me, start from scratch. The only natural gift I felt I had was desire.

I met Marie at the newly formed—by Cherie Ann Day—La Cruz Writing Group in 2012. The group was a nice mix of professionals, beginners, published and non-published writers. Contributing as a regular attendee, Marie commented in the general way that we all did, and, from time to time conducted mini-workshops. They became wildly popular.

As a full-timer in the area, my role grew to facilitator. The group grew as did my appetite to write fuller pieces. But my background included technical documentation and I felt my writing was dull and fact-filled. Eventually, I asked Marie if she would be my writing coach. And, with my everlasting gratitude, she agreed.

Marie nurtured the aspiration. She taught me to recognize redundant wording, and patiently corrected my inconsistent tense. She never changed my stories, rather she challenged me to engage readers through clean copy and compelling word choices.

Marie has an uncanny sixth; each suggestion is tailored to my needs. She is a one-in-a-million writing coach and author.”

– Lynn Bradshaw, Traveler, Photographer, Writer, La Patrona de La Cruz Writing Group.

“With a gazillion ideas in my head, and a memoir in the works—a haunting and serious one at that—I founded the La Cruz Writers’ Group as a way to motivate myself and others to write and/or complete projects. I wanted to help others save time traveling to the group in the city of Puerto Vallarta. Shortly after we began, Marie, already a member of the PV Writing Group, became an active participant, and introduced the concept of accountability so that members were able to move forward. I later asked Marie to read and comment privately on the draft of my memoir. Her mark-up and one-one consultation allowed me to inject more energy into it.”

– Cherie Ann Day, Poet, Founder of the La Cruz Writer’s Group. Toronto, Canada, & Bucerias, Mexico.