Work With Me

Creativity may be limitless, appearing without structure, but all successful projects have a sound foundation. Here’s the ethical platform from which I operate. 

  1. Connection
  2. What I Do Is Who I am
  3. Confidentiality
  4. My Gratitude
  5. Pricing (In many cases, a review or an answer to a question or four, whereby I provide brief, insightful commentary, can cost as little as a couple of lattes.)

The above are detailed after this categorized section of common projects.  



“I’ve written something —I think it’s a book— Is it any good? What do I do next?”

  • Provides complete clarity about your manuscript.
  • Is a necessary step to your book’s development.
  • Exhibits understanding of ‘where you’re at’ in relation to stage, style, niche, and publishabilty.
  • Allows you to move on with/without additional assistance.

Meaningful overview includes:

  • Electronic or in-person interview about your intentions.
  • Intensive read of your material.
  • Commentary/play-by-play to identify weaknesses and errors.
  • General observations to facilitate organic learning.
  • Additional material ~ industry links and references.

60-90k words $550.00

Fewer than 45k $300.00



“I’m serious. How much will it cost? Give me a complete strategy. I need a clear process.”

This comprehensive quote is essentially a blueprint of your project from conception to completion, with timelines and prices.

It is prepared after engaging in a consultation about your idea (for example: after The Meaningful Overview). This will include back up documents, links, and an agenda for meeting, and can comprise a plan for a series of interviews (for example: to facilitate the writing of a memoir).

There is no charge for the Comprehensive Project Quote. 



“Help, I’m stuck on an article… manuscript… grant letter…”

“Hey! I’ve got an idea, where could it go?”

“Guess what? I’m starting a blog… website…”

“Can you troubleshoot my stalled project?”

  • Allows for your introduction of a project, issue, desire, problem, situation, question, before the meter is turned on.
  • Can be prepped with email and links prior to the meeting to make better use of The Generous Hour.


  • Electronic or in-person meeting.
  • Brainstorming, commentary, links, referrals, book recommendations, and suggested next move.
  • Written summary of conversation.
  • Follow up—‘diarization’, if desired, for accountability.

$135.00 per generous hour

 If a manuscript has to be skimmed or read in full, an additional reading fee will be assessed.



“I’ve always wanted to be a writer.”

“OMG, I’ve started a course and have to write.”

In the spirit of THE GENEROUS HOUR:

  • Allows for your introduction of a future project, issue, desire, problem, situation, question, before the meter is turned on.
  • Can be prepped with email and links prior to the meeting to better use the time.


  • Electronic or in-person meeting.
  • Customized plan.
  • Use of related, practical samples: your book, blogpost, or assignment in the curriculum.
  • Lesson preparation.

$135.00 per hour

If an individual lesson is less than one hour, the balance will be applied to the next lesson.



“Why don’t people comment on, or share, my blogposts?”

  • Designed to improve your writing, a one-time overview of one blogpost or article to point out weaknesses and errors.
  • Contextual suggestions, and ideas for devices that can be used to bring the piece to an active read.
  • Call To Action strategies.
  • Rechecked and cleaned-up manuscript after you have rewritten.

$100.00 (up to 1200 words)



“What makes a great blogpost? Can you write the first one for me?”

“I have no time to write this month’s article.”

“An industry magazine asked me to write a piece on my area of expertise.”

  • Comprises your introduction of issue, desire, problem, situation, question, before the meter is turned on.
  • Allows time to understand your online voice.
  • Can be prepped with an email (existing blogposts) to save time.
  • Covers troubleshooting.
  • Call To Action discussion.
  • Brainstorming about demographics and strategizing.


  • Electronic or in-person meeting.
  • Commentary, links, referrals, books, and suggested next move.
  • Written overview of discussion and bulk notes.

$200.00 for basic article, overview with tips. Includes research.



“I get hardly any feedback, and even less traffic, on my website. What’s wrong?”

  • Allows introduction of your situation regarding your EXISTING website before the meter is turned on.
  • Covers a thorough read, correction list, and error-free, new copy for your existing website.
  • Eliminates redundancy.
  • Challenges you and your copy.
  • Negates need for an hourly rate—is priced as a package.


  • Electronic or in-person meeting followed by email(s).
  • Thorough website content audit and ‘light copy’.
  • Written overview: commentary, links, referrals, suggested actions, ‘written copy’ with instructions for webmaster.

$400.00 for basic 8-10-page copy (including contact page, and banners)

Larger websites with essays, owned-content, blogposts, complete rewrites, and additional re-branding, by estimate.



“I’ve made a decision. I’m going for my dream job.”

“My son needs a resume.”

“I’ve got the chance for a promotion.”

“OMG, Marie, I’ve been made redundant.”

  • A unique resume—unconventional and supremely employer friendly—it is as it suggests: ‘one’ sheet. It is a manager’s dream document to encounter when evaluating potential hires.
  • The ONE SHEET© format creatively and precisely conveys and promotes each person’s strengths.
  • Pricing for creation covers introduction and delivery of your experience via phone or email.


  • Electronic or in-person meeting.
  • Back and forth decision-making to hone the final product.
  • The template and first submission are easily adjusted for various submissions.

Starts at $200.00


… those five points from the beginning

1) Connection

Project specific

With a sample: I like to view your work and/or website—then I’ll mark-up a portion of what you have provided and return it to you for your review (and provide other suggestions if applicable). Ultimately this exercise forms an interview.

If there is no sample: I want to learn about your plan through email, phone, or video-call.

In emergent learning/coaching: we video conference or talk over the phone.

An estimate – price, scope of work, and timeline – follows this initial process.

My creativity thrives within structure; accountability through a task-list, and regular updates.

I push the envelope. When it comes to thinking outside the box, I’ve been heard asking, ‘what box?’

I use the word alivelines not deadlines.

It is important to note that anything I create or edit for you will not reflect my voice, but yours or the appropriate one for the project.

For example, you might say traffic jam when I would say impasse. That is why it is essential for me to understand your style, intended message, and prospective audience. That is how I can best serve you.

Specific to line edits: when there’s something that doesn’t click, I’ll insert an ‘explanation bubble’ in the margin; essentially a teaching moment. This instructive commentary helps reduce any future editing you require.

With contextual edits all observations will be categorized and detailed on the line, and in an additional summary.

2) What I Do Is Who I am

I write to change the world: yours and mine.

Everything is story, from title to copy, from acknowledgments to core content. That it be compelling, accurate for the market, and error free is essential. The only reason readers need return to a phrase is because it touched them.

Though my voice in this description is semi-formal, I am comfortable creating pieces ranging from kitchen-table casual to black-tie-only. Having lived in several countries, my familiarity with British, US, and Canadian spelling and idioms adds value.

I am married to an academic who is actively involved in all aspects of my writing life. I will request his input at various stages of your project. Final versions always receive his proofing.

I value teamwork and become an active participant in each person’s vision, therefore his or her success.

References: this website contains numerous testimonials, the common denominator of which is that I invest and over-deliver.

3) Confidentiality

Regardless of how we collaborate, or choose not to, every word you share with me is private. Likewise, any ‘samples’ I prepare for you require my release.

Requests for examples of my work will not be provided from the files of other clients.
Likewise, you will receive this same level of courtesy. Because many clients prefer that others not know they work with an editor, my policy is not to share. More importantly, those pieces have become the clients’ intellectual property.

Book authors may be comfortable acknowledging me as their editor, but such examples would only prove my skills; none would reflect your unique voice or message, just as your voice does not echo that of others.

However, I’m happy to share my own writing, though it will mirror the purpose of the piece, not necessarily your style.

4) My gratitude

In its purest form the phrase ‘thank you’ is a verb (to thank) and an object (you). And that is what I’m doing here for this opportunity to share my process and values.

I recognize the time it takes to read through a website.

5) Pricing 

I have a ‘chart of sorts’ at the beginning of this section which covers popular projects.

However, because everyone’s project or idea is unique, so will be the scope of work.

Whenever I work on creating or editing, there is back and forth; I don’t return a marked-up page in a one-sided action.

As mentioned, in many cases, a review or an answer to a question or four, whereby I provide brief, insightful commentary, can cost as little as a couple of lattes.